Case Study:

ESSA Academy,


The TAPER-LOC® System was recently used to create a striking staircase at ESSA Academy, Bolton. TAPER-LOC® is the simple way to install glass railings and balustrades.

It is 50% faster to install than traditional alternatives and as it is a totally dry glaze system there is no need for wet cement. The product is completely unique because it uses a horizontal TAPER-LOC® design, which allows the system to be adjusted, dismantled and re-set easily and efficiently. This also makes the TAPER-LOC® System ideal for replacing scratched and broken panels in existing applications.

The staircase is located within the 'inside outside' space at the academy, which exhibits a clinical blend of stylish interior design features together with the spaciousness and open-air feeling of an outside area.

"CRL's range of Architectural Hardware is first-rate. In particularly, their TAPER-LOC® System enabled a fast and efficient installation, which not only makes our job easier but keeps costs to a minimum. Their products are also backed up with an excellent Technical Support division."

Steven Gill, of Webber Engineering - steelwork specialists who constructed the staircase

CRL's Cap Rails were used throughout the staircase and balcony area, in a 51mm diameter. These premium cap rails are manufactured by bump-forming to ensure reduced spring back. The Cap Rails have a standard wall thickness of 3.2mm and are available in diameters ranging from 38.1mm to 101.6mm, as well as oval and square profiles in a wide range of architectural finishes.

CRL's Aluminium Base Shoe was also used in the staircase installation at the Academy and is designed to be used with the 13.52mm laminated toughened glass.

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